Systane® BALANCE 10ml

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  • Systane® BALANCE 10ml
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Systane® Balance (10 ml) are hydrating eye drops that work in a unique way. They support and recover dry eyes that have a deficiency of the lipid layer. It makes them ideal for people with dry eyes, tearing eyes or crusts on the eyelids that is cause by a tear film that evaporates too quickly.


Systane Balance (10 ml)

Systane Balance hydrating eye drops are developed with a unique formula for people whose tear film evaporates too quickly. These eye drops help the eyes to hydrate and stabilize the eyes again. The eye drops treat meibomian gland dysfunction. The lipid layer will be recovered by these eye drops, which ensures a great hydration.

CAUTION: Use before or after wearing your contact lenses. Do not use these eye drops while wearing your contact lenses.

Main features and benefits

  • These eye drops are developed with the LipiTech™ System to recover the lipid layer.
  • With these eye drops you can treat meibomian gland dysfunction. It keeps the eyes hydrated and moisturized.
  • Systane Balance stabilizes the natural tear film.

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Producer :Alcon
Type of solution :Eyedrops
Shelf Life :6 Months
Preservative :Yes
Solution for :Soft lenses, Hard lenses
Eye condition :Irritated eyes, Tired Eyes, Lens wearers, Dry eyes
Product Type :Eye drops
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