Promo Pack

Wat are contact lens promo packs?

With our promo packs for contact lenses and contact lens solutions you can save a lot of money. By ordering our promo packs you save money and will receive contact lenses with fitting contact lens solutions for longer periods of time. You can also profit from our combination discounts. That way you do not have to keep track of your stock and you do not need to order contact lenses every month. You can save up to 30 euros with our promo packs.

What types of promo packs are there?

We have various promo packs available from different brands. You can also choose between promo packs for weekly lenses or monthly lenses.

What does a promo pack cost?

The price of a promo pack depends on the type and brand of contact lenses and solutions. For the most recent prices you can check out our large range of products. With a promo pack you will always be cheaper than ordering your contact lenses monthly. Enjoy the discounts we have on contact lenses and contact lens solutions. Did you also know that ordering lenses online is about 40% cheaper than ordering them from an optician?

Where can you buy a contact lens promo pack?

You can easily order a promo pack online at LensOnline. When ordering a promo pack it will be delivered to your home quickly.

Order your contact lens promo pack online

LensOnline is one of the biggest online providers of contact lenses and contact lens solutions in Europe. We offer 100% original brands from well-known manufacturers. Thanks to our collaborations with over 120 contact lens specialists in The Netherlands and Belgium we can offer the best personal service. Enjoy how easy it is to order contact lenses online with the expertise of a contact lens specialist nearby.

Would you like more info about ordering your contact lens promo packs online? Our customer service loves to help you out.