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Current discount code & promo

Cozy Winter Deals

Live: January 29th 2023


  • €5 discount with a minimum purchase of €75*
  • €10 discount with a minimum purchase of €125*
  • €20 discount with a minimum purchase of €200*
  • €40 discount with a minimum purchase of €300*
Promocode: 23WIN


*The discount code BLACK23ED is valid on the entire EyeDefinition range. The discount code BLACK23 is valid on all other products in the range. Both discount codes are valid through November 29, 2023 and while supplies last. The discount codes can only be used once per person and per account. The codes cannot be combined with other promotions/deals, do not apply to orders already placed and cannot be redeemed for cash. Use only on LensOnline.be.

LensOnline is entitled to exclude (groups of) participants from participation in the promotion and future promotions without reason, whereby the right to benefit lapses. This may happen if participants violate the action terms and conditions, provide multiple incomplete or false (e-mail) addresses or other personal data, or abuse the action terms and conditions. LensOnline may do this on suspicion, without giving reasons and without any obligation to pay any compensation to the participant concerned, and LensOnline shall not be obliged to inform the participant of this or provide proof.

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