Daily lenses

What are daily lenses?

Daily lenses are contact lenses with minimal maintenance and are worn for one day only. This makes the lenses very hygienic. How long you can wear them depends on the quality of the lens and the condition of your eyes. Daily contact lenses should be replaced daily for a clear and comfortable vision. The wearing comfort is high, because you start every day with a new pair of sterile lenses. This guarantees the most hygienic way of wearing lenses.

What different types of daily lenses are available?

Daily disposable lenses are available in many types. LensOnline offers daily lenses from well-known brands including Acuvue, Dailies and Soflens. They are suitable for a variety of eye conditions including myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. There are spherical daily lenses, toric daily lenses and multifocal daily lenses. They are also available in different lens materials such as hydrogel and silicone hydrogel material.

Are daily lenses the right fit for me?

  • Daily lenses are very suitable for lens wearers with a flexible lifestyle. You can easily alternate disposable lenses with glasses. This might be useful for sports or on vacation.
  • Daily contact lenses are the most hygienic way to wear contact lenses, because you put on a new pair every day. The chance of protein deposition and dirt accumulation is therefore minimal.
  • Cleaning your lenses every day is unnecessary. The lenses are replaced daily and do not need to be cleaned or stored in solution.
  • Disposable lenses are perfect for lens wearers who have sensitive eyes. The lenses are also very suitable for dry eyes.

How much are daily lenses?

In general, daily lenses are more expensive than weekly and monthly lenses. How much these contact lenses cost depends on the type of lenses and where you buy them. For the most current prices of daily lenses you can view our range. Did you know that ordering lenses online is very easy and that you can also pick up the lenses from an optician in your area? This way you avoid any shipping costs.

Our most popular daily lenses

Check out our best-selling lenses below::

  1. EyeDefinition PURE
  2. 1-Day Acuvue Moist
  3. Dailies AquaComfort Plus

Where to buy daily lenses?

Disposable lenses are available both online and in shops. By ordering online, you can save yourself a lot. When you know your strength, you can order your lenses cheaply online and they will be delivered to your home.

Order daily lenses online at LensOnline

LensOnline is the largest supplier of contact lenses online in Europe. We offer 100% original contact lenses from well known manufacturers. Thanks to our cooperation with more than 120 opticians within Europe it is possible to order daily lenses online and pick them up at one of our opticians nearby.