Air Optix contact lenses are a line of monthly lenses by manufacturer Alcon (used to be Ciba Vision). They are silicone hydrogel contact lenses by Alcon that you can wear for 30 days in a row. The lenses are made of silicone hydrogel material, which allows a lot of oxygen through. The lens material retains moisture, which ensures that the lenses remain comfortable all day long.

The unique SmartShield Technology ensures a smooth surface for a continuous amount of comfort from day 1 to day 30. This allows the eyes to remain fresh and hydrated which makes you enjoy optimal comfort.

Air Optix Aqua are monthly lenses that need to be cleaned before going to sleep, while Air Optix Aqua Night & Day can be worn during the day and night. The Air Optix contact lenses are very suitable for people with astigmatism or presbyopia. Air Optix also has colour lenses (Air Optix Colors) with or without power.

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