Air Optix contact lenses from producer Alcon are high oxygen transmissible lenses. They let up to 5 times more oxygen through than other lenses. At LensOnline you can order Air-Optix contacts. Our assortment represents lenses for astigmatism, presbyopie (multifocal lenses) and even coloured lenses with and without strength. Look at our whole range of Air Optix products here above.

About Air Optix

The different contact lenses from Air Optix and producer Alcon are besides high oxygen transmissible, also lenses with the perfect liquid balance. The combination of oxygen and water make that the lenses are comfortable through all of the day, every day again. The TriComfort technology in the lenses keep the lenses moist and give resistance against dirt and protein deposits. This makes that these lenses are more healthy for your eyes than most other lenses.

Air Optix multifocal lenses

A special kind of Air Optix lenses are the multifocal ones. These are worn by people with presbyopia. This is a condition in which the eye's natural lens loses its ability to focus. The result is that it is really difficult to see objects up close. Presbyopia is a condition that comes when getting older. The first signs of presbyopia are seen at an age around 40 years. The loss of focusing ability goes so gradually that it may take a while before you notice you have troubling seeing up close.

If you have presbyopia, you should contact an eye care professional about wearing Air Optix Aqua Multifocal lenses. The special design with the unique Precision Profile™ technique allows for a range of prescription strengths. It goes from -10.00 D up to +6.00D with 0.25D steps.

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