Adjustment costs


Your eyes are important!

Routine eye exams are important – regardless of your age or your physical health. We aim to examine your eyes at least once a year to keep your prescriptions current and to check for signs of eye disease.

Lens controle spheric or toric lenses € 25,00

We check if your prescription is still up to date and the fitting of your current lenses and give you advice about alternatives.

Re-adaptation spheric or toric lenses € 35,00

You wish to try more comfortable lenses.
Measurement, test fitting with lenses and lens solution + follow-up.

Lens controle multifocae lenses with test lenses € 35,00

You wear multifocal contact lenses, are satisfied with your current lenses but you want to try out a new dioptry.
Measuring your dioptry and fitting, test lenses and lens solution + follow up. 

(Re)adaptation of multifocal lenses € 75,00

You wear multifocal lenses but you wish to try out more comfortable lenses.
Measuring your dioptry and fitting, test lenses and lens solution + follow up. 

New fitting spheric, toric or multifocal lenses € 50,00

You never wore contact lenses before. The optician will help you with professional advice in your search for the perfect lens.
He will measure your dioptry, try different types of lenses and lens solution and he will give you instructions on how to insert and remove contact lenses.
A follow-up appointment is included. 
On top of that we give you a new pair of lenses if they are torn or if the dioptry wasn't correct.
Prices are valid on adaptations on standard contact lenses. We never give discount on our services. 
Rates are subject to exceptions or modifications.