Dailies contact lenses from producer Alcon are made of new components that offer you a perfect vision and extreme comfort throughout the day. Daily lenses are the most healthy way of wearing lenses. Everyday you start with a fresh and new pair of lenses. Dirt and protein deposits can not attach to the lens surface and can not irritate or infect the eye. If you want the best for your eyes, you pick daily lenses!

About Dailies

With Dailies contacts, Alcon provides you with affordable and comfortable contact lenses. Daily lenses have a several advantages. This is also true for Dailies daily lenses from Alcon. World wide around 18% of the lens wearers pick daily lenses. In countries where hygiene is very important up to 50% wear daily lenses. This is why so many people choose for Dailies and other daily contacts:

- Start every day with a clean and new lens
- No need to clean the lenses with lens solution
- Very cheap to replace when you lost one or when you have a ripped lens.
- Least chance of eye complications.
- Very suitable for people who easily have eye irritations, or dry eyes.
- Easy to switch with glasses for example on holiday or sports.

Dailies multifocal contact lenses

It's very easy and comfortable to correct your sight with multifocal contact lenses from Dailies. Dailies Total 1 Multifocal are the perfect solution for people with presbyopia. They offer you ultimate comfort, because they are extremely comfortable and have a silky feel due to the water gradient technology.

Order Dailies at LensOnline

More and more people pick daily lenses and in particular Dailies by Alcon. Do you want the best for your eyes? Then order Dailies contacts on LensOnline! We make sure you get the best service and lenses for the best price. Our contact lenses are delivered from stock and we provide next day delivery!