Monthly lenses

What are monthly lenses?

Monthly contact lenses are soft lenses that can be worn up to thirty days in a row. After wearing them for a month, they need to be replaced with a new set of lenses. It is important with these contact lenses to clean them daily with contact lens solution. They also need to be stored at night in a lens holder filled with contact lens solution.

Cleaning and storing monthly lenses does not have to take a lot of time. You can just clean your lenses by rubbing them softly in between your fingers with a multi purpose lens solution. After that, you can store them safely in a lens holder filled with contact lens solution.

Monthly lenses are a cheaper alternative for daily lenses. With only one pair of lenses, you can see clearly for 30 days. This makes monthly lenses the most popular type of contact lenses. With monthly lenses you can enjoy a great vision, without having to worry about replacing your contacts often. By replacing the lenses every month, you can continuously enjoy ease and comfort.

What type of monthly lenses are there?

Monthly lenses are available in a big variety of brands and types. The best known brands for monthly contact lenses are Air Optix, EyeDefinition and Biofinity. They are also very suitable for various vision problems. There are spherical monthly lenses, toric monthly lenses and multifocal monthly lenses. Monthly lenses can also be made with several materials, such as hydrogel and silicone hydrogel.

Why choose for monthly lenses?

There are several benefits that monthly lenses have, which are:

  • Monthly lenses are cheaper than daily lenses. They offer a better ratio between price and quality, while always enjoying a clear vision.
  • With a replacement frequency of twelve times a year, you save time.
  • They are also available as colour lenses. These lenses change the natural colour of the eyes.

What do monthly lenses cost?

Monthly lenses offer a great ratio between price and quality. How much the lenses are exactly depends on the type of lenses you would like to wear and where you buy them. For the current prices of monthly lenses, you can take a look at our offer.

Our most popular monthy lenses

Take a look at our best-selling contact lenses:

  1. EyeDefinition Performance
  2. Biofinity
  3. Air Optix Aqua

Where to buy monthly lenses?

Monthly lenses are available online and in stores. If you know what power you need for your contacts, it is cheaper to order them online. They will be delivered to your home very quickly.

Ordering monthly lenses online

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