Lens Solution

What is a contact lens solution?

Lens solution is used daily to clean and maintain weekly or monthly disposable lenses. It cleans and disinfects contact lenses. When you take your lenses out, it is best to clean them first and then store them in a lens case with fresh liquid.

After wearing contact lenses all day, the eyes may feel dry or irritated. This is because dirt adheres to the lens surface during the day. This can cause irritation. Lens solutions remove dirt from the lens so they stay fresh. Moreover, it ensures that you enjoy a sharp and clear vision all day long.

What types of lens solutions are there?

There are different types of lens solutions. It is important to buy a lens solution that is suitable for your type of lenses. The most popular lens solution for soft lenses is the multi-purpose all-in-one solution. This is used for the cleaning of soft contact lenses. Hard lenses are made of a different material than soft lenses and are therefore cleaned with a different kind of lens solution.

There are also lens solutions in travel packaging. These are ideal if you are going on a short trip. Lens solutions in travel packs are allowed in your hand luggage and easily fit in each bag.

How much are lens solutions?

The price of a lens solution depends on which brand and type you want to buy and where you buy them. For the most current prices of contact lenses, you can view our extensive range of well-known brands.

Our most popular liquids

Check out our best-selling contact lens solutions below:

  1. Opti-Free PureMoist
  2. EyeDefinition Sensitive Plus Multi Purpose Solution
  3. EyeDefinition Pro-Vitamin B5 Multi Purpose Solution

Where to buy lens solutions?

You can easily order lens solutions online. When you know which type you need, you can order your liquid online and it will be delivered to your home.

Order lens solution online

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