EasySept contact lens solutions by Bausch & Lomb are specially designed for sensitive eyes. Hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions are ideal for lens wearers who are sensitive or allergic to preservatives. The solution is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting soft and hard contact lenses. After letting the lenses soak in the solution for six hours, your lenses will be crystal clear again.

Benefits of EasySept contact lens solutions are: one bottle system, one step disinfection and neutralization, effective against micro organisms in the eye and free of preservatives. This makes them a great choice for lens wearers that are allergic to preservatives and want the best disinfection for their lenses.

Precautions: (1) Never let unneutralized EasySept hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution get in contact with your eyes. (2) Only use the special lens holder including the platina disc in combination with the EasySept peroxide solution. (3) Never put the contact lenses in your eyes if they were shorter in the solution than 6 hours. If non-neutralized EasySept peroxide solution has been in contact with the eyes, remove your lenses immediately and rinse your eyes with water. (4) Never rinse your lenses with the solution before putting them in your eyes.

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