Alcon is an innovative enterprise with the objective to improve the quality of life by offering solutions in the field of eye care. Its assortment is composed of a wide variety of eye care products. Besides the surgery and pharmacy branches, its third pillar consists of contact lenses and products related to this. In this area the brand can be considered among the largest producers of contact lenses, having different other brands under its umbrella who are part of the Alcon group. In addition, Alcon’s product range consists of many products which cleanse, rinse and disinfect your contact lenses.

On the website of LensOnline you can find all the brands that are part of Alcon. A clear asset of this brand is its wide product range, as well as its diversity in terms of different types of lenses. For instance, it producers both daily and monthly lenses.

Alcon Dailies

The best and healthiest way to wear contact lenses is to put a new pair on a daily basis. Dailies’ lenses, Europe’s number 1 in terms of daily lenses, are very flexible, comfortable and easy to change, according to our clients.

The brand Air-Optix produces monthly lenses. The advantage of these contact lenses is the materiel its made of: highly oxygen permeable. This is the reason why you can wear them both during day and night. This way you don’t even notice the fact that you are wearing them!

Multifocal and toric lenses

Besides, Alcon offeres a large number of toric and multifocal lenses, to enhance sight from far as well as short distances. The wide varity enables you to make the perfect choice, to pick the ones that fit best your preferences. If you are in a search for multifocal lenses, those of Dailies and Air-Optix will definitely solve your sight problems.

Color lenses

If you have always wanted to try lenses which alter the color of your eyes, Freshlook offers you several possibilities. These slightly change your eye color in a natural and subtle way. Moreover Optifree and Systane will provide you with the best products to maintain your lenses for a better and longer protection.

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