Systane® GEL DROPS 10ml

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  • Systane® GEL DROPS 10ml
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Systane® Gel Drops (10 ml) are eye drops in gel form. It ensures a combination between ease and protection. They offer an intensive gel protection for people with dry eyes. After using them they offer immediate and long-lasting comfort.


Systane Gel Drops (10 ml)

Systane Gel Drops are eye drops in gel form. The gel offers a great protection, while the drops are very easy to drip in the eye. The Gel Drops are ideal for people who get dry eyes. They offer an immediate relief of redness, dryness and irritations of the eyes. The relief is long-lasting, while the drops also feel very comfortable to the eyes. Moisture is attracted and retained immediately. The eye drops are protect the eyes and restore the cornea.

Main features and benefits

  • Thanks to the gel they offer a great protection of the eyes along with the ease of an eye drop.
  • They are ideal for people with dry eyes. They offer an immediate and long-lasting relief.
  • With these eye drops moisture gets attracted and retained. The eyes will feel refreshed again.

How to use

  • Shake before use;
  • 1 or 2 drops in every eye;
  • Blink slowly so the gel can spread in the eye;
  • Can be used in combination with Systane Ultra for extra hydration.


CAUTION: Use before or after wearing contact lenses. Do not use while wearing your contact lenses.

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Producer :Alcon
Type of solution :Eyedrops
Shelf Life :3 Months
Preservative :Yes
Solution for :Soft lenses, Hard lenses
Eye condition :Irritated eyes, Tired Eyes, Lens wearers, Dry eyes
Product Type :Eye drops
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Ik werk in een ruimte waar continue droge lucht is, daarom vaak last van droge ogen. Maar niet meer sinds ik altijd een flesje van deze druppels in mijn zak heb!


Bon produit pour des yeux irrités.


Je ogen voelen gelijk weer lekker aan na een druppel


Ma femme a des lentilles souples et moi je porte des lentilles rigide, mais on utilise le même produit d'entretien sans problèmes!