Spray & Clean 15ml

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Spray & Clean 15 ml is the spray-edition lens solution to moisturize all RGP, yearly and 'hard' lenses. Use the spray to give your contacts a boost of freshness.

Menicon Spray & Clean (15ml)

With Spray & Clean from Menicon to quickly delete attack, so your lenses quickly feel comfortable and clean. Spray & Clean contains no preservatives and is therefore a non-irritating cleaner, which is also suitable for people with sensitive eyes. It is compatible with all hard, dimensionally stable lenses.

Consult your optician

Lens solution is something personal and some are perfect but for some they are far from perfect. This may be due to personal preferences, allergies or the lenses you wear. Always consult an eye specialist, such as an optician or an optometrist before switching contact lens solution, eye drops or contact lenses. 

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Producer :Menicon
Type of solution :Cleaner
Preservative :No
Solution for :Hard lenses
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Je préfère utiliser le spray pour le nettoyage de mes lentilles, c'est pratique à nettoyer et très compacte.


J'ai eu plusieurs types de lentilles, et avec tous le spray les nettoie bien!


Superhandig zo'n spray!


Handig in gebruik en maakt goed schoon