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EasySept all-in-one solution cleans soft lenses by using a hydrogen peroxide solution. With the EasySept package for 6 months, you can keep your lenses clean for half a year. The solution needs to be neutralized with the neutralization stone that is in the lens holder. By doing so, all soft lenses will be cleaned effectively.


EasySept 6 Months (5x360ml + 1x355ml)

The Easy Sept 6 Months by Bausch + Lomb is ideal for the daily cleaning of soft contact lenses. The hydrogen peroxide solution cleans lenses thoroughly: it is harsh for bacteria, but soft for the lenses. The lenses remove all protein deposits on the lens, so that you can keep wearing them comfortably. EasySept peroxide contact lens solution is ideal for (1) people who are allergic to preservatives, (2) people who are looking for the best disinfection and (3) people who don't like rubbing their lenses with a multi purpose solution.

Main features and benefits

  • Enough contact lens solution for 6 months
  • One step disinfection and neutralization
  • Free of preservatives

EasySept instructions

The 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is a disinfection system for the perfect cleaning of your soft contact lenses, which already can be reached by soaking them for 6 hours. EasySept is safe to use for cleaning all soft weekly lenses and monthly lenses.

  1. Never apply non-neutralized EasySept peroxide contact lens solution directly into the eyes.
  2. Only use the special lens holder in combination with the solution.
  3. Do not put your lenses in the eyes when they have been soaking in the solution for less than 6 hours.
  4. Never rinse your lenses with EasySept peroxide contact lens solution before putting them in the eyes. Use a saline solution to do so.

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Producer :Bausch + Lomb
Type of solution :Peroxide-system
Preservative :No
Solution for :Soft lenses
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