Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is one of the leading healthcare companies worldwide. The company is committed to raising awareness of the importance of vision and eye care by providing high quality contact lenses and eye care products.

The manufacturer is the producer of many well-known brands within the vision care area. With brands including the Acuvue family and Blink. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is committed to transforming the world’s eyesight by developing, preparing, and producing innovative solutions.

Johnson & Johnson brand products

Johnson & Johnson brand products include a range of spherical, toric and multifocal contacts in daily disposable, two-week wear and monthly disposable.

Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson is one of the most popular lens brands in the world. Acuvue contact lenses feature the latest technologies that provide lens wearers with exceptional vision and comfort from early in the morning until late at night. The contact lenses are available in various strengths and correction options.

Blink eye drops is a favorite brand among many lens wearers. The eye drops provide relief with every blink. Lens-related dryness can be common among soft contact lens wearers. These drops provide long-lasting relief from dry eye symptoms.

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