Blink-N-Clean 15ml

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Blink-N-Clean (15ml) are easy-to-use eyedrops by manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. The easy-to-use artificial tears are formulated for clearer and more comfortable contact lenses. The cleaner can be used during contact lens wear. Available in 15ml containers to take with you everywhere you go.

Blink-N-Clean (15ml)

Blink-N-Clean are comfortable eye drops by Johnson & Johnson. The moisturizing eye drops help you keep your contact lenses clean and provide a pleasant feeling of freshness whenever you need it. Prolonged use of contact lenses can cause irritation and easy accumulation of deposits and dirt on its surface. These artificial tears dissolve bacterial waste and ensure rapid and effective wetting.

Instructions for use

  1. Apply one or two drops to your eye
  2. Blink to wash the lens
  3. Repeat with over eye and up to four times daily

Main benefits

  • Formulated for clearer contact lenses
  • In-eye cleaner for use during contact lens wear
  • Wash away natural debris for clear, fresh and comfortable contacts
  • Help lubricate and rewet lenses
  • Suitable for all soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel

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Producer :Johnson & Johnson
Type of solution :Eyedrops
Shelf Life :2 Months
Preservative :Yes
Solution for :Soft lenses, Hard lenses
Eye condition :Irritated eyes, Tired Eyes, Lens wearers, Dry eyes
Product Type :Eye drops
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Ik heb geen last meer van droge ogen door de Blink 'n Clean


Nooit meer last van droge ogen!


bon service de, livré dans 2 jours


Ideaal voor bij mijn dag- nachtlenzen!


Très bon nettoyage des lentilles